Grand Pianos -

Yamaha Grand Pianos

Few instruments are as sonically rich and emotionally affecting as the grand piano, and our grands are among the world's most sought-after. Our range begins with the acclaimed handcrafted CF Series concert pianos, which, thanks to an intensive 19-year development period, offer incredible performance for concert halls and studios. For conservatoire, studio and home use, the CX Series offers outstanding tone and response. And, for smaller spaces, the G Series offers excellent value for money. 

We're world leaders in hybrid piano technologies and many of our grand pianos can be ordered in Silent, TransAcoustic and Disklavier editions.

Silent Edition grand pianos allow you to play using headphones - channelling the piano's sound only to the pianist. To the outside world, the piano is virtually silent, making it perfect for apartments, family homes and pianists who need the flexibility of practising any time of day or night.

TransAcoustic Edition pianos add a world of other sounds pioneered in our synthesizer and digital piano ranges to the acoustic experience. Groundbreaking Yamaha technology allows the grand piano's own wooden soundboard to amplify and create not only the sound from its own strings but also electric piano, harpsicord, orchestral string sections and other sounds - all without a speaker and all without detracting from the acoustic experience.

Disklavier Edition pianos offer all the benefits of the Silent Edition but add additional sounds, recording features and - incredibly -the ability for the piano to physically recreate a recorded performance with exact detail complete with moving keys, hammers and pedals.