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silent brass euphonium

The new models of Silent Brass for euphonium and tuba expand the lineup with the same Silent Brass concept used for trumpet, trombone, flugel horn and French horn. These innovative tools make it easier for players to practice and perform wherever and whenever they feel inspired.

The new SILENT Brass Pickup Mute is designed to be significantly smaller and lighter than previous models to improve the balance when playing, yet it offers approximately the same muting efficiency along with stable pitch over a wide range and unrestricted breath flow. The disassembled mute body halves can be stacked for compact storage

The superior sound with outstanding presence is ensured by the original Yamaha digital Brass Resonance Modeling technology which extracts the full, open tone of brass instruments from the muted sound. With the natural sound, the player is less likely to over blow or play with unnecessary tension, allowing for the most effective practice.

An adjustable rod allows the position of the mute head to be varied to achieve the desired pitch response and playing feel. The player can adjust the mute to fit different bell sizes and match their own pitch and playing feel preferences, this allows the same tuba mute to be used with Bb, C, Eb, and F Tubas. The screw nut secures the adjustable rod and the belt prevents the mute from falling out. To connect the bodies a silicon ring is used, which also prevents the mute touching the bell. A microphone picks up the sound and the pitch can be adjusted by moving the head position.

The player can interface the Silent Brass to external devices. By connecting to portable audio players or smart phones with audio playback capability, the player can play with favourite tunes, or practice with minus-one backing track data.

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