VAT Free Purchase

VAT Free Instrument Purchase for Students

Using the Government's Assisted Instrument Purchase Scheme (AIPS) it is possible to purchase a new instrument without the VAT providing a considerable saving.

Provided the Student is under 18 and at a State Run School (not separate 6th Form) and participating in music or music lessons at their School is should be possible to use this scheme.

The process is easy and we carry the appropriate forms needed to provide you with a quick VAT FREE purchase.


  1. Visit or Phone the Shop and choose an appropriate instrument. 
  2. Take the completed AIPS form to your School along with a Cheque for the cost of the Instrument EXCLUDING VAT.
  3. The School email or FAX an order to HAYES MUSIC
  4. We deliver the required instrument to the SCHOOL.

This process can be as quick as next day, depending on the time take for the School to process the request.